Shrouded Special (Only found in Ethiopian Village)
Injera soaked in Chicken soup; fried beef and other supplementary side order are the key notes in this dish.

Non vegetarian Mix
Assorted fresh vegetables, Chicken stew, beef stew, curry stew and minced beef are its holdings.

Village special
Key (Beef stew), Alicha (curry stew), Shiro (Chick pea),Minchet (Minced beef) and seasonal cereal sources.

Vegetarian Mixed dish:
Cooked to palettes even to less initiated appetite, it comes with Shorw Cabbage and other fresh vegetables.

Chicken stew:
Organic chicken marinated with Abyssinian paprika pepper and homemade herbs and spices, boiled egg and served.

Beef stew:
Cooked comprises grade A beef and organic homemade herbs and seasoning.

Grilled Beef:
Fittingly cubed (cordon bleu loin) beef grilled and fried with organic herbs and spices.

Condon loin bleu ground beef comes with especially blended homemade butter and served Luke warm or well done depending on your choice.

Bozena Sherro:
Contains split beans stew, grade A beef as well as supplementary size order .Sauce made of beans powder and meat.

Mincet Abish:
Quality prime minced beef gently cooked with paprika, special spices and "KUBE" -our traditional, spiced butter.

Sherro Wot:
Grounded chick pea seasoned and cooked slowly in a traditional cooking to give this wonderfully healthy and tasty vegetarian dish.

Curry Stew:
Marinated with our home made curry seasonings and served with injera.

Injera (our staple food) soaked in mouthwatering beef stew.

Gommen watt:
Spinach suave made Ethiopian style.

French fries and grilled beef. Comes with perfectly fried potato and sizzling beef steaks.